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Oil Pulling – Can It Help With Fighting Disease

Have you ever heard of Oil Pulling? Disease – starts in your mouth, right? Recently I visited my dentist as I was sure I had at the worst a cavity and at the best I had developed sensitive teeth. After … Continue reading

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Gluten free Quinoa Tabouli

Love Tabouli but can’t eat the cracked wheat. Well here’s the recipe for you. Spring is here and summer is on the way. What better way to celebrate than with a yummy, healthy salad that goes with everything and is … Continue reading

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Mint and Garlic Dressing

This fresh and zingy dressing goes perfectly with the Gluten free Quinoa Tabouli and also great as a marinade for chicken or lamb. This recipe has been adapted from the Body Ecology Diet. Try it and let me know how … Continue reading

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A Quick Remedy For Thrush

If you have read my post on What Does A Yeast Overgrowth Look Like? then you might be looking for a simple remedy to help ease the pain of Thrush. Thrush is one of the many symptoms of a yeast … Continue reading

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Broccoli and Fennel Soup

A light and refreshing soup perfect for any meal. We are into spring now in Australia and even though I’ve thrown most of my winter clothes into storage the temperature on some days is still cold enough that a quick, … Continue reading

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Digestive and Colon Health in Children

Digestive and Colon Health in Children Just recently my sister in law and family stayed with us briefly while out on holiday from Sweden. She was telling me the story about her 6 year old son who was suffering with … Continue reading

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The Simplest Way To Use Coconut Oil

  There are so many benefits in using coconut oil… The simplest way to use coconut oil is add it to your cooking.     Many years ago,when I had a high intolerance to dairy, I used a hydrogenated margarine … Continue reading

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